Follyfield Nurseries

Benty Heath Lane
CH66 6AG



The Business was started in 1961. At that time faced with the prospect of moving home in order to continue a 20 year career in flying, Fred Chapman decided that with a large family it was perhaps time to put down roots/ With a market garden upbringing, could a living be made from the 4 acres of heavy land surrounding the house?

The decision was made. Faced with clay soil, overhanging trees, overflowing ponds and with just a dozen newly glazed dutch lights and an old Gem rotovator, a few hens, and minimum finance but with help from the family the enterprise was soon under way.

Within a year small glasshouses were erected and Freds son Peter joined full time.

From the start the business was retail orientated and the specialist crop of bedding plants sold through markets and a busy shop organized by Peter.

Steadily over the years the glasshouse area has expanded to over 2 acres and the land to almost 50 acres.